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We’re Not Wining About Our New Award!
The Restaurant at Goodstone is proud to announce that we have received the Wine Spectator’s 2016 Best of Award of Excellence! Wine Spectator is a magazine that focuses on wine and wine culture, rating different wines and restaurants for their wines around the world. There are three tiers to their rating:
1. The Award of Excellence
 This level has 2,414 winners that focus on at least 90 wine selections that match a restaurant’s menu in price and style.
2. Best of Award of Excellence
 This level has 1,093 winners that focus on the depth of the wine from different regions and producers. Not only do these restaurants offer pristine selections, but they also offer their devote commitment to wine and it shows through their service.
3. Grand Award
 This is the highest level and has 88 winners. These restaurants offer over 1,000 or more selection of wine that range in region, producers, vintages, and compliments the menu.

Our Sommelier, Stephen Elhafdi, works tirelessly to make sure The Restaurant at Goodstone has the most exquisite wines that work in perfect harmony with the menu. Stephen has put countless hours in to creating a wine list deserving of this award! However, his main focus is always the guest and making sure they have the most divine dining experience by making sure that Chef Johns food is perfectly complimented by the worlds finest wines. Congratulations to Stephen and the entire restaurant staff at The Restaurant at Goodstone.

We are so proud of you!

You can check out our award here