Our Beekeeping Program

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The Goodstone team is very excited about our thriving Beekeeping Program. Guests will have the opportunity to see beekeeping first-hand on the Farm at Goodstone. In addition, Executive Chef John Leonard will use the home-grown honey (when harvested) in his seasonal menu at The Restaurant at Goodstone.
The farm has established Goodstone as a leader in Loudoun County’s farm-to-table movement and provides unique educational opportunities for our guests. The Goodstone environmental team (Mark, Tiffany and Debbie) is responsible for the sustainability initiatives and believes in sustainable measures including composting and utilization of garden produce, honey, and eggs from our chicken coop. We also recycle old newspapers, provide environmentally friendly soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc., for guests, and carefully monitor our energy use. Enhancing our riparian buffer zone to help protect our watershed is an important project at our VA country inn.

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