The Farm Animals at Goodstone

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Goodstone’s rolling pastures are the breeding and nurturing grounds for over 100 head of Black Angus cattle, Icelandic sheep, Suffolk sheep, a flock of about 100 hens (which produce all of the eggs used daily in the Restaurant at Goodstone), three fine thoroughbred horses, and several barn cats.

However, the star of the Goodstone menagerie is our beloved mascot, Oliver, a rescue pig from Middleburg Humane Society, who weighs in at around 700 pounds! Guests walking the grounds are delighted to mingle with and photograph the animals.
Other critters of the unconfined type also live on or pass through the estate include fox, squirrel, woodchuck, deer, badger, beaver, eastern box turtle, snapping turtle, possum, raccoon, groundhog, mink, weasel, coyote and many birds, reptile and amphibian species, too numerous to mention.

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Goose Creek teems with bass and trout. About one-third of our acreage is ungrazed grassland, mostly of the timothy, brome and fescue varieties. Each year we harvest copious amounts of baled hay in two cuttings – one in the late spring and the other in the late summer or early autumn. Some of the hay is used as fodder for our bovine, ovine and equine residents and the rest is sold to other farmers in the area.

About Goodstone’s eggs: Our hens are encouraged to act like chickens. Their beaks are allowed to grow naturally. They have access to sunshine, grass and all the bugs they can find. They scratch, take dust baths and sun themselves. We provide them with a safe yard and a warm coop with plenty of light and space. Their feed consists of non-GMO grain, minerals and probiotics. They are offered kelp meal which contains tons of trace minerals and adds lots of protein to the eggs. As a result, our eggs look better (darker yolks), taste better, and are far healthier (higher levels of Omega 3’s) than grocery store eggs.