The Farm at Goodstone

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Goodstone Inn and Restaurant operates a small sustainably managed farm on its beautiful 265-acre estate. The farm provides the highest quality of produce and protein for the award-winning, farm-to-table restaurant at our Middleburg bed and breakfast. The farm is home to a flock of sheep, an intensively managed vegetable garden, apiary, cut flower beds, orchard, mushroom garden, laying hens, a giant rescue pig from the Middleburg Humane Society named Oliver and a regal llama named Greyson, who proudly guards the Goodstone sheep.

The farm has established Goodstone as a leader in Loudoun County’s farm-to-table movement and provides unique educational opportunities for our guests. The Goodstone team believes in sustainability and works to create healthy pastures and growing areas that are sustained with compost made on site and through the natural fertilization that comes from our livestock.

What we grow on the farm

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Goodstone grows pasture-raised lamb, eggs, vegetables, mushrooms, orchard fruit, cane berries, herbs, micro greens and cut flowers.

How we raise our livestock

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All of our animals have access to fresh air, clean water, pasture and adequate shelter. Goodstone limits synthetic inputs and uses antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. We rely on natural processes like pasture rotation to control disease and parasites.

Goodstone has a grass-based farming system supplemented with minerals and non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) feed. We use a holistic planning process. This means we consider all aspects of our business when making decisions and take into account the synergy between different parts of the farm. Our goal is for the Farm at Goodstone to function as a small ecosystem with each part supporting the others.

Our farming methods

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The focus at Goodstone is on soil health. All fertilizers are natural (compost made on-site, manure from our animals and food grade fish emulsion).

We grow mainly heirloom varieties and a few hybrids . . . but absolutely no GMOs. We rely on crop rotation, cover cropping and foliar feeding. As a result, Goodstone’s produce is beautiful and nutrient dense.

Come out and tour our scenic property, meet our sheep and lambs, and check out what we’re growing this season! We hope to see you on the Farm at Goodstone!