The Gardens at Goodstone

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Our Virginia country inn features exquisitely designed flower, woodland, orchard and kitchen gardens throughout the estate. Our highly skilled staff maintains and constantly updates the gardening program at Goodstone, creating “living sculptures” throughout the estate — using sustainable agricultural techniques and the reintroduction of long-lost indigenous plants. Each of the estate’s six unique lodging accommodations – French Farm, Dutch Cottage, Manor House, Spring House, Carriage House and Bull Barn – is surrounded by unique gardens complimenting the architecture and setting of each dwelling. Also featured on the estate are sumptuous cutting gardens, serene woodland gardens with serpentine garden paths, a large vegetable garden and an herb garden. The kitchen gardens significantly enhance the farm-to-table cuisine in the Restaurant at Goodstone.

The Carriage House Courtyard Gardens

Surrounded by tall oak trees, the Carriage House Courtyard offers a quaint setting with an elegant flagstone walkway leading guests to the main building on the 265-acre estate. Centered in the courtyard, a lovely water fountain and blooming gardens invite you to take in the natural beauty as you relax on one of the wooden benches. Boxwood, roses, pachysandra, hosta, hellebore, clematis, tulips and seasonal plantings are planted in the ornamental beds for year-round interest. Suet and hummingbird feeders hang in the crape myrtles in each corner of the courtyard. Classical music is played through a stereo sound system to round out an exquisite garden experience.

The Romantic Woodsy Garden

The Woodsy Garden at Goodstone features a charming wooden arbor draped in clematis and provides a unique doorway into the garden. A mossy fern pathway leads to the expansive lawn area. The garden is used as a wedding venue and party space in the spring and summer with its excellent shade and vistas of the farm, stone walls and rolling pastures. Guests at the inn often use the space for relaxing (on a blanket or swing) and for picnics. Guests may order gourmet picnic lunches from the kitchen and can use a natural free-form tree stump as their dining table! In the spring, there is a succession of blooming trees and shrubs including redbud, dogwood, viburnums, rhododendron, lilac, hellebores, Virginia blue bells, bleeding hearts, daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinths.