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Inn & Restaurant

The Goodstone Team

Our team of professionals is highly skilled and trained in their areas of expertise.

Debbie Cox

Asset Manager

Debbie Cox has been a part of the Goodstone team since September of 2009. She oversees the day to day operations at Goodstone.

Gordon Leigh

General Manager

Gordon Leigh's wide range of experience in all things hospitality ensure that Goodstone's guests receive world class service at every touch point.

Jan Van Haute

Executive Chef

Jan Van Haute is originally from Belgium and is the master mind behind the Culinary Team at Goodstone.

Sarah Roderick

Guest Services Manager

Sarah has an array of hospitality experience and oversees the Guest Services Department.

Stephen Elhafdi

Wine Director & Sommelier

Stephen Elhafdi directs the Wine Program at Goodstone. His experience provides guests a one of a kind experience in all things wine related.

Gary Murray

Chief Marketing Officer

Gary Murray brings nearly two decades of diverse hospitality brand acceleration experience to Goodstone, ensuring our external voice matches our internal voice.

Kylie Beck

Sales Manager

Kylie Beck is happy to introduce the many possibilities around the property to wedding, social and corporate clients.

Asheton Rose Graham

Marketing & Event Manager

Asheton Rose brings a touch of southern charm and hospitality to our marketing and event planning efforts, ensuring Goodstone's communications are hospitable at every touch point.

Farrah Brady

Housekeeping Manager

Farrah Brady runs and operates the Housekeeping Department to ensure guests a clean and welcoming environment.

Betsy Khashoggi

Corporate Experience Director

Betsy Khashoggi designs and executes event and team building experiences that meet each corporate client's specific goals.

Bonnie Murphy

Restaurant Supervisor

Bonnie Murphy leads our award winning restaurant service staff, ensuring memorable fine dining experiences for our guests.

Tony Secombe

Estate Manager

Tony Secombe maintains our immaculate grounds creating the perfect backdrop for your next visit.