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Inn & Restaurant

The Farm

On property we have numerous gardens as well as animals, an orchard and aviary. We are proud to support the National Wildlife Federation and sustainability initiatives through our farming and gardening methods. We invite guests to take tours with our Garden and Maintenance team to learn even more about the farm firsthand.  

Our Furry Residents Our Furry Residents

Our Furry Residents

Goodstone's Rolling pastures are the breeding and nurturing grounds for Black Angus cattle, Icelandic sheep, Suffolk sheep, a flock of hens (which produce eggs daily for our restaurants), fine thoroughbred horses and a few barn cats.

However, the star of the  menagerie is our beloved mascot, Greyson. Guests walking the grounds are delighted   to mingle with and photograph the animals.
Other critters of the unconfined type who live here or pass through the estate include fox, squirrel, woodchuck, deer, badger, beaver, eastern box turtle, snapping turtle, possum, raccoon, groundhog, mink, weasel, coyote and many birds, reptile and amphibian species.

The Garden The Garden

The Garden

Goodstone’s Estate Manager, Tony Secombe, and his highly skilled team share the owner’s passion for preserving the property’s natural beauty by continuing to maintain and build on Goodstone’s Gardens for Wildlife program. The native garden plantings at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant attract many beautiful birds and other wildlife to the property, and, in fact, The American Bird Conservancy identified many bird species during their visit to the property. Building off the property’s many ornamental and habitat gardens, the gardening team continue to add native flowering plants as well as pollinator and monarch-friendly plants, to welcome birds, bees, butterflies and other wildlife species. Our team follows the practices outlined by The National Wildlife Federation. 

Using sustainable gardening practices, our Gardening Team meets regularly with Executive Chef Jan Van Haute to discuss garden planting needs, designed around the chef’s farm-to-table cuisine. As the seasons progress, the crops rotate to provide Chef with the highest quality ingredients, with a variety of seasonal herbs, edible flowers and vegetables always at hand, to be incorporated in our food and beverage offerings

The Orchard The Orchard

The Orchard

Goodstone has a seasonal Orchard Program that provides fresh fruit for both of our restaurants. We grow a variety of peaches, apples, pears and other delicious fruits.

The Bees The Bees

The Bees

About 40% of the food we eat is dependent on insect pollination and the bee is natures’ foremost pollinator. Bees are one of the most important elements in our ecosystem and we are fortunate to have Master Beekeeper, Armondo, partnering with Goodstone to ensure that the health of our honeybee's is maintained. Visit Armondo's website, savetheb.com


In addition, Executive Chef Tyler Stout adds delectable honey to some of his dishes when the season provides and with our thriving Beekeeping Program, guests will have the opportunity to see beekeeping first-hand and purchase this golden nectar!