The Farm
at Goodstone

Goodstone is a fully operative farm with cows, chickens, and even a llama. We are proud to support the National Wildlife Federation’s guidelines on sustainability through our gardening and farming initiatives.


While you’re here, we invite you to tour our lush farm to learn more about sustainability practices and our farm-to-table culinary program from our highly skilled team. 

The Commitment

Sustainability is built into the foundation of Goodstone Inn & Restaurant. Here, you can enjoy a luxury experience with the knowledge that you are not asking the Earth for more than it can give.

We grow our own food using regenerative agricultural practices. We focus on crop rotation and harvesting seasonal herbs, fruits, and vegetables – all of which will end up back on your plate in the restaurant.

Goodstone is a haven for our animal friends – big and small. You will likely see foxes, deer, and other creatures roaming around the property. We increase biodiversity by adding native plants and pollinator-friendly flowers to welcome birds, bees, and butterflies to our farm.

In 2022, we made the decision to eliminate plastic water bottles from our property. We implemented Vivreau, a reusable bottle system. We’re proud of this small-but-impactful step towards going plastic-free.

We’re extremely proud of our farmers, gardeners, and grounds team who work tirelessly to make Goodstone an exceptional place.


The Animals

Our animals are beloved members of Goodstone. Our rolling pastures are home to Black Angus Cattle, Icelandic Sheep, Suffolk Sheep, flocks of hens, and even a barn cat or two! Although no horses live on-site, it’s not unusual to see a rider galloping and jumping through the fields.

The undeniable star of our menagerie is our beloved llama, Greyson. While Greyson may not be one for snuggling, he loves to pose for photos. But if you meet our friendly donkey Sarah, she might just come up to say hello.

Other critters unconfined by pasture include foxes, squirrels, woodchucks, deer, badgers, eastern box turtles, snapping turtles, possums, raccoons, groundhogs, minks, weasels, and coyotes.

While you are here, we encourage you to enjoy your time in proximity to these special creatures, but please remember that they are wildlife and should not be disturbed.

The Food

Our organic farms are a key part of what makes Goodstone special. We grow our own produce for our award-winning, farm-to-table culinary program right here on the farm.

Our farmers are focused on regenerative agriculture, a practice that repairs organic soil matter and restores biodiversity through crop rotation, no-till cultivation, and cover crops. Where can not produce our own food, we purchase from other local, sustainably sourced vendors.

Our gardening team meets regularly with the chef to coordinate planting needs designed around seasonal rotation and our farm-to-table culinary program. As the season progresses, the crops rotate to provide our chefs with the highest quality ingredients with a variety of seasonal herbs, edible flowers, fruit, and vegetables, to be incorporated into our food and beverage offerings.

The food you eat at Goodstone is farm-fresh, always.


Photos of the Farm


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