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Exploring the Creative Art World of Penny Hauffe in Northern Virginia

Updated: May 3

Penny Hauffe is an artist whose journey has taken her from England to Leesburg, Virginia. Her artistic talent is evident in her extensive portfolio of work and her active participation in the local artist community in Northern Virginia.  Goodstone Inn is fortunate to have several of her works on the property, and they bring the quintessential essence of Hunt Country art to Goodstone for our guest's delight.

Penny's decision to make Leesburg her permanent home was influenced by the area's likeness to England, where her family had resided for a significant amount of time, as well as the lovely surroundings of Western Loudoun. Her love for the natural beauty of rural Virginia is evident in her art, which often features the scenic backdrop of northern Virginia.


Among the many art projects that Penny has worked on

for the Goodstone Inn are a memorable mural in the private dining room/wine cellar, stained-glass pieces in the Spring House, and hiking maps showcasing her watercolor and illustration skills. Her artistic talent extends beyond these projects, as she has also contributed to charity fundraising events for various organizations, including the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, A Farm Less Ordinary, and Arts for All.


Penny's participation in these events is a testament to her artistic ability, generosity, and community spirit. Her enthusiasm for the art community in Loudoun County is evident, and she cites the Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour, the Loudoun Sketch Club, and many art showcases held at local venues as examples of northern Virginia's rich and fertile ground for artists working in all forms of media.


As a freelance artist, Penny has discovered solutions to overcome problems and emphasized the significance of striking a balance between creativity, administration, and self-care among her priorities. She has found that the rural areas of Virginia, which offer a wide variety of natural beauty throughout the year, have been a great source of inspiration for her artwork.


Penny's versatility and speed with which acrylics and latex wall paints dry are the primary reasons she likes to work with these paints. Additionally, she has seen success in overcoming artist's block by viewing her work as a professional commitment and switching to other activities when it was essential.


In terms of current works, Penny has painted scenic backdrops for three theater plays, and in March, will have her fine art paintings on exhibit at The Wine Kitchen in Leesburg. In June, she and her artwork will be hosted at the Franklin Park Arts Center for the Western Loudoun Art & Studio Tour, and in August, her paintings will be at Common Grounds in Middleburg, with a final show this year at Gallery One, located within the Loudoun Government Center, in October/November.


Penny has created an online gallery,, where visitors can view her artwork and learn more about her journey as an artist. She is an invaluable gift to the cultural landscape of northern Virginia, due to her unwavering commitment to her craft and active participation in the community of local artists. Her dedication to her art and her community spirit inspires us all.

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