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Crafting Culinary Delights: The History of Goodstone Inn's Conservatory

Updated: May 2

The Goodstone Inn, recognized for its enduring appeal and exceptional service, boasts a stunning restaurant, the Conservatory at Goodstone Inn, that reimagines the dining experience. Owner Mark Betts and architect Clint Good have led the charge on this visionary project, which not only enhances the inn's culinary offerings but also takes the entire guest experience to new heights. Let's explore the history of Goodstone's Conservatory, from concept to completion.

The Conservatory at dusk

Mark Betts, the visionary behind Goodstone Inn's revival, recognized the need to expand the inn's dining and kitchen facilities to accommodate its burgeoning restaurant business. With a steadfast commitment to preserving the inn's rich heritage while embracing modern culinary trends, Betts enlisted the expertise of Loudoun-based architect Clint Good. Having collaborated previously on a restoration project in 2005, Betts and Good shared a deep understanding of Goodstone's essence and ethos.

The concept for the Conservatory was born from Good's creative vision to create a space that seamlessly integrates the beauty of the surrounding landscape with exceptional dining experiences. Nestled within the Carriage House building, the Conservatory exudes an air of refined elegance, enveloping diners in an enchanting ambiance defined by floor-to-ceiling glass walls. "Our design objective with the conservatory dining room was to allow guests to enjoy the extraordinary views at Goodstone while having a great meal," Betts remarked.

The ambitious renovations, spanning nine months, encompassed not only the creation of the Conservatory but also the overhaul of the inn's kitchen facilities and administrative spaces. Matthew Bowe Design Build, renowned for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, was entrusted with bringing Goodstone's vision to life. Tasked with the formidable challenge of constructing a two-story glass conservatory atop a historic building, Bowe and his team approached the project with unwavering dedication and ingenuity.

The construction process was challenging, as Bowe recalls navigating through rock layers beneath the building's foundation while ensuring precise alignment for the glass installation. Despite the complexities, Bowe embraced the opportunity to repurpose the Carriage House into a culinary haven that seamlessly marries form and function. "It was a high-impact complicated project on a building intended for horses and carriages. It is a great sense of accomplishment to be a part of this," Bowe reflected.

The culmination of this collaborative endeavor is nothing short of spectacular. The Conservatory offers guests a truly immersive dining experience with its soaring ceilings, panoramic vistas, and seamless transition between indoor and outdoor seating areas. Betts expressed his delight with the finished product, noting,

"An all-glass conservatory is a great way to feel as though you are eating outdoors, enjoying the natural beauty, but still with climate control, a fireplace, and nature and country-oriented artwork."

As Goodstone Inn continues to enchant guests with its timeless allure and culinary delights, the Conservatory stands as a testament to the inn's unwavering commitment to excellence. With each visit, guests experience the delectable cuisine and the essence of Middleburg's picturesque countryside, creating cherished memories that linger long after the last bite.

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